Friday, July 16, 2010


owh yeah...
lm da nda mnulis dkt blog ku yg 1 ni..
i guess it just went on rusting like the metals or steel or whtever..
probably those who have been reading my 'Life is about choices' punya blog..
u all must be waiting for the updates kn...ekekkeke..
but well,actually i move into a new bloggie home..lm sdh except never post it here to tell u guys..
no biggie..
just wanna make some change a bit for me..
so,if u still love to read my reading or updates bout me...(click here n u won't regret)
ahahaha...gud to know u all..although actually i dun n never met u guys..ehehe..thanks anyway,for like reading my whtever mindless thoughts i spill out here...


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bombing in Moscow,Russia

Well,long tym i didn't online..
js making prep. for my coming xm this monday..
but i borrowed my frens broadband..
oleh itu,online jak la..skjp...skjp???huh tpu2 belaka..wakakaka..
I look around in the net park..
n found news regarding on bombing in moscow station.
is this the sign for me not to go to Russia??
but, act it's about tht i'm sad about.
it's about the bombing.
n u know whose been blame for that??
Muslims.Yea.I repeat MUSLIMS.
I'm soo sad...why is it the religion of peace they manipulate people's mind to think it is a vicious or terrorist religion??Until my sisters in  ISLAM sn kna tgk dgn pndgn yg tajam.Ada jgk yg kna belasah lagi.5 muslim women lg tu..
Apa dosa drg??
because we're a MUSLIM?
I dun understand.Sedihkn..
i'm frustrated to all these people yg sng2 mau tuding jari membuta tuli dgn org ISLAM.Islamophobia la katakn..
U're accusing muslim with no proves.
Why dun u people go n get the tafsir QURAN n read for urself..
There r no terrorism teachings in the QURAN.
I guess no religion tht teaches terrorism.
U people kept on accusing MUSLIMS for being a terrorist..
Why dun u look at those ISRAELI..
killing the Palestinians cruelly.tht is the real terrorist.killing children.raping women.I dun get it.Hope ALLAH will repay them the Neraka Jahannam(Although I realise I'm not worthy of asking Jannah from u,Ya ALLAH) for wht thay hav done to the muslims.
U people r blind seriously.damn blind.
I pity u all..
but hell yeah,i won't deny maybe there r some who r acting like 'pengganas' but they hav their own reason.
TO PROTECT ISLAM.but still in ISLAM,keganasan bknlah the problem solver.
Benarlah kata seseorg..(or in hadith)
I cn't remember..
but it sounds like this.
"ISLAM itu bermula dgn dagang n akn berakhir dgn dagang"
Itu br org bkn ISLAM, mslhnya dlm hal2 yg lain org ISLAM pun enggan menerima ISLAM sepenuhnya,.
"Ya ALLAH,Guide us always.Giv us strength.Dun let us alone facing this challenge.let us hold strong the Quran n Sunnah left by Prophet Muhammad"

tht's it.
Wallahualam.May ALLAH bless.

Friday, March 19, 2010

same old title..

just wan to tell u..
aku rs isi blog aku sm jak ulang2..ahahah.
psal choices.choices.choices.
xda benda lainka??
aku pun boring..ahaha
tggula abis matriks.
when i'm struck wif severe boredomisation(adaka dlm kamus ni ah...*thinking*)
bubye for now..
i'll write again later..
whenever i hav tym.