Saturday, November 28, 2009

syukur la nak

i already got my result for this PSPM..
although not as excellent as wht i want
but i know ALLAH gav the best results for me..
alhamdulillah i still hav hopes to achieve my dreams
now,sem 2 i hav ti improve my results..
aja2 fighting..heheh
wht so ever...
the important thing i hope tht i still hav the strong guts not to easily giv up..insya-ALLAH.

Wallahualam.May ALLAH bless

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

lesson for today

today was 1 of the worst day during my holiday...
darn it..
i feel my whole world was about to blow..
my parents got into a fight..
wht kind of fight??
js say it was like a storm in a tea cup..
i feel tht the whole world js stop spinning..
hate it.hate it.hate it.
dis is wht they say about marriage..
asam garam kehidupan..
1 thing for sure,1 lesson i learnt today in marriage is DROP DOWN THE EGO DUDE and PUT SOME PATIENT IN IT.
these r the reason why marriage r sumtyms hard to be blissful..
i know it's very true..
i'm very sad about this and writing this post even make me wanna cry..
Ya ALLAH..dugaan ba ni kn..
ada hikmah for all this things..
i know u've arrange the best things in our lives..
js hope my parents get back together..
i dun like to see them fight.. fighting please..
not js my parents..
but also other parents out there
for the sake of the children...


Sunday, November 1, 2009



usually holidays r fun..ahaha..

but not to me..

dui,xda tarbiyah lgsg in these 2 weeks holiday..

oh my...

still struggling to fight the laziness in me

still struggling to fight the satan..

sumtyms i'm defeated,but sumtyms i win..

but tht r why satans n temptation exist..

to help me be more content in finding ALLAH's love

true or not??


wht so ever..

nex week i'm gonna be back in KML.. much i hated it there..

i hav to endure it.


bcause i said so..hehehe

nahh!it's bcause tht's the only way i cn achieve my ambition..


last tym i thought studying n all these stuff r for myself n family

but i was wrong once again..

darn it..

wht could i do wrong..

to think bout' it back..

it's bcause of my intentions..

it's not bcause of ALLAH

Ya ALLAH..forgiv me for forgetting u..

i hope ALLAH still giv me a 2nd chance to achieve the ambition..

hope so..

i hope 1 day these pic is me..huhu..
ok.lamo damo farah..
u're starting talking out of the topic..
it's not even bout' the holidays..
c u anytime as long as ALLAH still let me live.