Friday, March 19, 2010

lots&lots of thinking

not to complain.
not to babble around for nothing.
but the more n more days hav past,
i've been thinking a lot.
way lot.
susah kn melangkah ke alam dewasa ni.
everything we do is a choice.
wht's our ambition
our life path.
 no exception
 lots of things to think.
u knoe..
i'm planning going to Kursk.
but then,there r times when i thought tht
"is dis the rite choice for me?"
ni ka tmpt yg terbek?
i've isikharah oredy bout this.
no sign yet.
yeah i knoe..
my mum blik2 advice me.
"Farah,dun think about tht first.the important thing,u focus on ur studies now"

tht's wht my mum always say to me.
but mum...
truly deeply..i can't stop thinking bout it..
it's my future.
n whtever my choice i'm gonna make will affect myself,my future.
O me in everything I do.
hopefully anything tht i do will giv benefits in ISLAM.
dun let me take a wrong step.

tu baru Kursk.
blum lg benda lain.
kawen?( yg pling mahal ni.)
makan?(wht...mkn pun kena pikir jgk.hehe)
jem**h?(ni yg pling menstresskn.)
time managemant?etc.
argh!too many choices to make.but only choose one.n yg kna choose ni is ME.sumtyms i become fed up.i feel like mcm yg mau ikut flow jak ni..
mungkin ni satu ujian kn for me..
1 way to improve muhasabah diri blik.get to ur own senses.

thinking out the box???ada kaitan ka tu dgn pilihan yg bakal diambil..ahahah..xda2.

uits.nda lm jua ni PSPm kn tiba..
hope cn answer the best.

ba2.kla2..sapu merapu da ni.
stop.fullstop.end it here jakla.