Tuesday, December 9, 2008


we meet again..hehehe...

well,juz wanted to tell..i've been watching twilight 2 days ago..

OMG,really that was a marvellous movie! really..especially with Edward Cullen in it...hehehe...he's so cool..juz hope that i can meet a guy like him one day...kahkahkah(daydreamin' too much...)

To be honest,i only like Edward Cullen but not Robert Pattinson(the real name)..not so my taste...i thought it was the thing i knew,it got 3 more stories to go..(maybe,bcoz the book has 4 stories..)

The coming soon Edward Cullen would be in the movie,New Moon(but then it would be released in 2010..argh! so long to wait..hate waitin'... )