Sunday, April 5, 2009

what a day..

style woo bin(F4)

xda2 jua ne..
aku bosan d rumh..
tp gumbira..
i painted my room yesterday..
kan before ne mcm purple but dull skit..
less cheerful..
but now,my mum bought me 1 tin of colour..
tp bkn jua purple banar2..
adeih,tu yg aku sedey tu...
tp syukur jakla drpd xda..
the colour tu not pink but not purple..
arghh!!! pink is not my fav..
please..sorry for the pink fans out there..

owh ya,i'm sad too..
my mum ada course in KL for 1 week.1 WEEK...argh!!soo long...
miss my mum nnt..
balik on friday..
not just that,my dad pun will be going to KL on the next day my mum arrive..
until monday(3 days jak pun..)
but then,tiba2 jak ne outstation my mum n dad..
cbuk kali..
my parents pun actually malas pg but what to do...
kerja mo cari duit...
mmg susah klu keja..

As the conclousion,jgn senang2 jak mo kc abis duit parents kita..
bkn senang tu mo cari duit..
especially yg slalu shopping2 n kuar2 jln2 cari mkn..(like mee??dunno.almost but my mum manage to control me dr being a spend thrift..)

the words for today...
"Manusia harus sentiasa bersyukur dengan nikmat yg ALLAH berikan kepada kita.Don't waste it"

wassalam.M.A.B(may ALLAH bless)