Sunday, November 1, 2009



usually holidays r fun..ahaha..

but not to me..

dui,xda tarbiyah lgsg in these 2 weeks holiday..

oh my...

still struggling to fight the laziness in me

still struggling to fight the satan..

sumtyms i'm defeated,but sumtyms i win..

but tht r why satans n temptation exist..

to help me be more content in finding ALLAH's love

true or not??


wht so ever..

nex week i'm gonna be back in KML.. much i hated it there..

i hav to endure it.


bcause i said so..hehehe

nahh!it's bcause tht's the only way i cn achieve my ambition..


last tym i thought studying n all these stuff r for myself n family

but i was wrong once again..

darn it..

wht could i do wrong..

to think bout' it back..

it's bcause of my intentions..

it's not bcause of ALLAH

Ya ALLAH..forgiv me for forgetting u..

i hope ALLAH still giv me a 2nd chance to achieve the ambition..

hope so..

i hope 1 day these pic is me..huhu..
ok.lamo damo farah..
u're starting talking out of the topic..
it's not even bout' the holidays..
c u anytime as long as ALLAH still let me live.


YuYu said...

salam ziarah dn kerinduan.
smga trus brada dlm keadaan sjhtera dn dinaungi redhaNya :)

tahniah ats smua kjyaan.
trbiyh jgn d tnggu tp d cri.
dlm srah ar-rad ayat 11,
"ssngguhnya Allah tdk akn mngubah keadaan ssuatu kaum melainkn sblm mreka mngubah keadaan mreka sndri".

Ujian yg Allah brikn kpd mnusia tbhgi kpd 2, melalui keperitan dn ksenangn.

slmat beramal.smga mudah mncpai mrdhotillah :D