Thursday, July 23, 2009


wht was i gonna write??
i forgot..
owh yes...
i was gonna tell about my life in matriks..
well,life wasn't tht easy u know..
especially when i was given a responsible being the 'ketua lajnah'..
u know what..
1 thing tht i realize tht having a responsibility wasn't an easy thing..
suddenly when i receive a message about me being chosen as 1 of the 'ketua lajnah' in the sahabat Al-Irfan organization,i felt there were a very heavy rock on me..
well,before this i mean in school i was responsible for holding the jwtn as ketua kebersihan surau n i never care bout it..
jahilnya diriku dulu..
then i realize now tht responsible is amanah..
amanah is heavy
ALLAH will questioned us in akhirat..
there was 1 time where i wanted to giv up already..
i was too depressed because i was afraid tht i didn't do my responsibility as a leader well..
ALLAH knows how hard my life was tht time.
I told Deeni i wanted to resign...
but to think back,mmg kerja2 ISLAM ni bkn senang..
it's not easy...
it's full of challenge...
ALLAH want to test His creation @us whether we cn manage this challenge or not..
When I think back,if I resign as if i'm running from jihad..
soo,i didn't because i know maybe ALLAH has arrange something better for me..
ALLAH knows tht I cn overcome this obstacle..
Alhamdulillah i cn.

B4 i came to KML,i heard a lot of negative stories..
i've set my mind tht KML isn't a good college..
but actually every negative stories happen here depends on the people @ student itself..
1 way to survive here is the first n foremost is to have strong faith in ALLAH...
dekatkn diri pd ALLAH..
dekatkn diri dgn surau..
dekatkn diri dgn kwn2 yg pg surau..
everywhere we go,the best place to find friends is in the surau..
i admit it..
it's true..
i'm grateful tht i met a lot of friends tht teach me n gives me new knowledge..something tht i never knew..
Although actually most of the friends tht i already know since school...ahahaha..
We really made a great change..
Not to show off..
but honestly,i went to KML with a hope to score...get good result..
and near to the surau soo i dun lalai..
i didn't hope tht i would be involve in this kind of organization..
i didn't expect tht i would wear tudung labuh..
i didn't expect to meet really good friends..(ukhwah fillah abadan abada guys..thanks for everything)
i didn't expect all this good things to happen..insya-ALLAH..
But true,ALLAH already arrange everything..
We may never expect things like this,but ALLAH knows best..
He knew tht it's better for me to go to KML..
Syukur Alhamdulillah..
I may not be tht perfect..
My Deen may not be complete yet..
but I know insya-ALLAH i try to improve myself...
My mom was shocked too actually..

I'm still the old me...
not much changes..
but insya-ALLAH a better me..
adeih..I babble too much already...
i end it here..
i'll continue nex time when i'm 'rajin'...ahaha..

Daripada Abu Ruqaiyyah Tamim ibn Aus al-Daarie r.a. bahawa Nabi SAW telah bersabda:
"Agama itu adalah nasihat. Kami berkata: Untuk siapa? Baginda bersabda: Untuk Allah, untuk
kitabNya, untuk RasulNya, untuk para lmam kaum muslimin dan untuk umat lslam seluruhnya."
Hadis riwayat al-lmam Muslim.

Wallahualam.May ALLAH bless