Wednesday, July 29, 2009


isn't it funny we always ask the question WHY???
why this?why tht?why what-so-ever?
actually tht's normal..
people are gifted with curiousity attitude..
(ermm..i dun even know why i wrote bout it..maybe tht's wht cross my mind..huhu..)
whatever la..
me myself too ask a lot of questions of why..
tht's the reason i heard there's one book entitle..'THE BOOK OF WHY'
ok.stop.fullstop.farah,u're talking crap already.cut the crap.
i dun even know why i'm even writing this post..

In my mind,i'm always thinking why this?why tht?
Wht's the matter wif me?Am I goin' crazy?
true.Everything in this world is full of questions..
not js why.but,what,how,when,where...
Why is the famous among 5 types of questions..
ok.i'm starting to talk crap again..

In this world,there r a lot of things we dunno..
especially when it comes to ALLAH's creation..
why the world is sphere?
why ISLAM is full of rules?
why we hav 2 eyes?
why Al-Quran is the best reference ever?
why most marriage cn last long?
why love cn change?
but soo little answers..
mmg ALLAH already limit humans knowledge..
humans only know wht they learn
n what ALLAH let them to know about khazanah ALLAH..(khazaainullah)
We r ask to explore ourself..
find the knowledge..
but remember,once we become sum1 yg berilmu...
kita mesti beramal dgn ilmu kita..
INGAT!Antara org yg masuk neraka adlh org yg berilmu tetapi tidak beramal dgn ilmu..
ask ourself,adakah kita beramal dgn ilmu kita??
Although i say yes,but do ALLAH say so?
ALLAH's view is important.We do deeds to get ALLAH's redha not others..
Semua perkara bermula dgn niat..
Whatever we do,we got the pahala the same as our NIAT...
If we niat because of ALLAH,insya-ALLAH..
If we niat because of others,we will get wht we niat for..
(I dun even know how to explain..)

what-soo-ever la..
fullstop.cut the crap.stop babbling.

kla,whtever u think it's good,take it.
Insya-ALLAH whtever I say is sumthing beneficial..
not wasting ur time reading it..
If it's crap,then tell me..
I'll delete..

Wallahualam.MAy ALLAH bless.