Tuesday, January 19, 2010


i'm feeling quite stress now.
yeah,i knoe my essay sucks...
writing 150 words for admission essay pun susah..
wht do people knoe about me.
i hate writing essay until now..(except bio essay..ahaha)
i dunno la..
really..i'm really hoping to enter IIUM tu..
sepa jgk nda mau...
dpt medic lg...huhu..
but 1 thing i knoe,writing essay sucks...
essay lain ble trima lg..
but this,is about me..
nda sukaa...
essay sains fiction or whtsoever ble survive lg..
ni,my essay ni..i've been doing it for 1 whole day n it still sucks..
my mum ckp mcm krgn thn 1...,how did i get band 4 MUET..
suddenly i'm stress for 1 small stupid reason..
damn it..
sorry for the words..
i'm angry to myself precisely
no offense..
i knoe,this is 1 of my platform to further studies in medic
i dunno la..
sumtyms i think..
is medic the best choice for me?
i want to be it..
u knoe wht..
sumtyms bla parents msk cmpur in discussing my future..
i thought,btulka ni??is this the 1 i want n live like tht for the rest of mylife?
but deep down in my heart,i really want it...soo bad tht my heart aches sumtyms..(ceh..mengalahkan bercinta ngn bf..ahaha..)
but btul la ba..
kn i'm having a relationship...serious relationship wif books..ahaha..berjihad kan ni..huhu..
i'm damn stress now.
Ya ALLAH engkau tngkn la ati hambaMU ni...Sesungguhnya,aku lemah.Hanya padaMU aku bergantung...
kla..mau bt essay balik...
hope this tym it's far way better...
i dun want my mum to edit it...i wan it my way of doing it..
nnt cm nda ori jak..

Wallahualam.May ALLAH bless.


Ika said...

Salam. rang, relink blog aku.