Saturday, January 16, 2010

places where i really hope to go 1 day. bcause i dunno wht to do..js wanted to post sumthing tht i really like..if possible 1 day,i want to visit to all of this place..huhu..

first n foremost,i really want to go to visit MAKKAH.Insya-ALLAH,my family n I will go to umrah this HIS will...
ITALY.wht I knoe Italy is famous for their nice view n romantic place..I would love to go there..huhu..i love places like these..
ANGKOR WAT,CAMBODIA.Although it is a buddhist temple,but i'm interested in it for its historical stories n building structure..well,i like historical's fascinaing as if we're going back into the past.
ROME.Unique for its historical stories n places such as the gladiator.awesome!..hehe..
MACHU PICHU,PERU.An abandoned city.unique.very unique to me.
EGYPT.this is one of my fav place to go.the mummies n pyramids.whoa!..i've wanted to go to this place for a long tym..huhu.If my ambition weren't a doctor,i'd love to be an history n solve ancient puzzles
TURKEY.This place is also 1 of the place i'd really wish to visit in the future.teringt plak tym bljr sejarah dlu2..ahaha..granada n yg sewaktu dgnnya..hehe..kerajaan Turki Uthmaniyyah.Ottoman this place cn be a pusat ilmu..i'm very fascinate..n also i would like to visit Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's grave,see in person org yg dilknt ALLAH yg menghncurkn sistem Khalifah.Astaghfirullah.

p/s:really want to go to all the historical places.i cn but maybe not all..heheh...hope my dreams cn cm true.insya-ALLAH.hehe.

Wallahualam.May ALLAH bless.