Wednesday, January 13, 2010


long time no see..
aiya..being bz lately wif studies n all tht...huhu..
i'm soo hepi...
last nite i webcam wif atiq..
mis her sooo much...
then webcam wif bbut n nonong..
act i was soo hepi tht i was about to cry...ahaha
(mati jua la kn menangis dpn2..jatuh saham..ekekke)
it's okla..yg pntg i talk to them..
i wanted to tell a lot of things but looks like time is really jealous of me..
not js me but every1..
it's okla..
i think people change..
yeah..people change.
my friends too change..
i change..
but depends whether the change to a good side or the bad one..
Alhamdulillah 4 the 1 tht change into a better person..
but wht bout vice versa??
i also dunno..
Js pray n hope to realise b4 it's too late,.,.
n 4 the 1 tht change into a better,pray so tht we cn remain better n be better from time to time.

p/s:i got my MUET result already.,..heheh..alhmdulillah i manage to get band 4...huhu..
well,i think tht's all 4 now..

Wallahualam.May ALLAH bless.


liyanakhalisa said...

hahaha. gud to know tht u're happy =)

namakoo fatyn. said... been hectic.but it worth:)

bibut said...

ceh,,,maw nangis kuun..tembirang jak si parahin ni...hehheheh...i had a great time also...
bless my friends Allah,,amin..