Sunday, January 4, 2009

gonna be booriingg...

like i said,gonna be boring..
tomorrow everybody gonna go to school..
xcept for me..
while my friends going to plkn,me here(suppose to go to plkn) are doing nothing..tomorrow my dad gonna call the JLKN to confirm whether i get the camp in Sabah...
if i get the 3rd group,i'm gonna get a driving lesson...yay!!happy me..
but if i still need to go at the 1st group,looks like i should be packing my bag and off i go to PLKN...hee~~..
maybe who read this would thought that i'm really excited in joining the PLKN...
well,to be honest,,i'm quite..a lot of experience..
at the same time i dun want to go as i might be far away from family..

just now,my kazen brought her game...the
it was about dancing game...i think i started to like it as i think it can help me become slim..ehehehe... should be aware that my wishlist of 2009..being SLIM...hehehehe...what a freak i am??? mum agreed to buy me one..yay!! this game gonna be,my friends out there...dun think that i didn't join PLKN,i would get FAT(argh!!my worse enemy)..hehe..just see..i'll work out n tadaa!!!..kurus..hehehe...oh my...i started to bable...'byk mulut'...heheh...i didn't talk that much already..feel happy..LOLx..

ermm...i hope who read my blog wouldn't get me wrong with me using English in it...
not because i wanna 'ta puji' nor 'trip2 cam urg putih' but then it is the real me..
i just love writing in English..
to me,writing in English giv me ideas n help me improve my English..
nyway,if u read my blog u would thought that my English is good..but unfortunately not..
it's been 11 years since i came back from New,living here in Malaysia would cause me to hav quite a broken English...
i still wanna try to improve my English..
it's a fun language..also a dangerous one(lots of harsh words..)


IrFuxgly said...

nnt farah sd ada dance pad ble la kt battle. =p