Sunday, January 11, 2009

soo romantic..hehe..sort of..

actually i wanted to write about this is quite expired...tajuk basi la...hehe...
but still i want to tellit in my bloggie(new name...har3x)...
ermm...3 days ago,my mum receive a mail...
when i first hold the mail,there's something fishy about the writing in the envelope..a familiar writing...
i guess it was maybe a betday card from ibu's friend because it was post from Taiping, ibu's betday is coming(24th January) same goes for ayah(28th January).hehehe..

well,bcause i'm a suri rumah a.k.a penganggur,i waited for ibu to reach home from work..
when ibu arrive,i quickly gave it to ibu..
ibu was kind of surprise to receive the mail..
my guess was right,it was a betday card...purple in colour..
when ibu open it,there was a 'happy birthday' music in it..
ooo,so it was a music birthday card..
n then ibu read the card to see who was the sender..
n guess who???

u really wanna know...
rupa2 nya AYAH gave IBU...
punyala tkejut ibu when ibu saw the sender
"ur beloved husband"
hehehe..kind of romantic..
yala,i never knew my dad was romantic like that because he was like a slumber person a not-soo-romantic person..
until today,my mum keep on asking my dad "dr mn la abang antar tu??"...

p/s: i hope my husband pun gtu..hahahaha...full of surprises...ceh,angan2 tu ba..


pink_butterfly said...

omg!!!!!!!!!!!! so sweet.... if only my bf n future hsbnd got da idea of doing like dat....(speechless).....

IrFuxgly said...

ada yang farah kasitau. hehe sweet2~