Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Programme EDexcel

alright,it sounds like this..
i was busy watching the 10th kingdom just now when i got a call from a woman name Cik Aiman(weird..usually it's a man's name..)
oh well,by the way...she told me that i was chosen to go to 'taklimat n pemilihan dlm BTEC-HND,degree Uni. of East London/Uni. of Conventry,UK'..
punyala..happy ooo..
i didn't expect offer like that ...
it was held in Promenade Hotel..
to be honest,excited la jugak..ceh,'ta puji'..kehkehkeh..
nyway,i went there with ibu n ayah..
n u wanna know what..they only offer engineering,business n accountant..
medic course lgsg xda..i thought BTEC was Biotech..wrong guess..itwas Business Technology Engineering Council(if i'm not mistaken)
cis,what a waste of time..
but still,i fill in the form...
we wouldn't know if luck was on my side..
the 'taklimat' was sooo boorriinngg...
the guy just bable..blablabla...hahaha...
then,in the end sempat lg he got a bit arguement with a parent tu about medic course..hahaha...whatever...
sdh tu,they didn't provide any food lg tu..
sdhla urg starving..ahahahaha...(my stomach was growling..grr!!)

then i saw Asir n Jarynn were also there..hee~
n that's it...end of story..
p/s: no pictures cause there's nothing cool 'bout it..