Thursday, January 1, 2009

welcome 2009

and there it is...
the year 2009...hello 2009,goodbye 2008...
what a year it is...
full of sadness and happiness at the same time..
trying to flash back the memories..
what should i remember during 2008???
1. my friends
never gonna forget them...99 friends..hehe..truly gonna miss them..
2. my school(SMESH)
although this school s****(censored word..sorry for the usage of it..) sometimes,
but still i learn a lot of things there
especially in being a better person and muslimah
3. SPM(for my )
just sit for my SPM...just hope for the best..i want to be a DOCTOR..wajib!!..
4. i'm soo over with school
after living in boarding school,i'm just soo over with it..although i will miss
it sooner or's my sweetest memory..being in high school..
5. change myself suitable with my age..(gonna be 18..argh!!)
owh no!!i'm scared,stepping into a new whole year,as a 'matured' girl maybe...